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When you are preparing for your trip, remember to pack smart and pack safe.

  • Use luggage pieces that are lightweight, roomy, and durable. Material and design should be able to keep contents dry in adverse weather.
  • Be sure that each piece has a secure lock. Remember: Using a TSA-approved lock ensures that your baggage can be checked by TSA baggage screeners without damage to your locks. TSA-approved locks are available for purchase at the News & Gift shop in the main hall at GFIA.
  • Know what's in your bags. Before you pack, check to be sure that there are no prohibited items that were left or stored in the bags since you last used them.
  • Be sure to remove old destination tags from your luggage.
  • Make sure all bags, both checked and carry-on, are identified with your name and phone number on the outside and inside.
  • Don't overpack your luggage. Overpacking can cause baggage to rip apart or pop open during handling and transport.
  • Pack fragile items in your carry-on.
  • Place pagers, cell phones, and personal digital assistants in your carry-on.
  • Never pack film or video equipment in your checked baggage as the baggage screening equipment can damage them. Cameras, film, and video equipment should be packed in your carry-on baggage.
  • Put cosmetics, shoe polish, nail polish, liquor, perfume, and anything else that might spill, break, or stain into reclosable plastic bags or unbreakable containers.
  • Placing undergarments and other clothing items in reclosable plastic bags allows TSA screeners to hand search your luggage (if necessary) while leaving your items clean and untouched.
  • Remove hooks, straps, and removable wheels before checking luggage. They are easily caught in baggage handling machinery, which can cause extensive damage to your bag.
  • Be aware that certain items and substances are restricted from checked or carry-on luggage. For a complete list of permitted and prohibited items in both carry-on and checked baggage, please visit the TSA website.

Want to know if a particular item is permitted or prohibited? Click the icon to be redirected to the My TSA app.

In the unlikely event that your checked baggage becomes lost or is misrouted, it is a good idea to pack essential items in a carry-on bag. Items include medications, change of clothes, personal care items, eyeglasses, and car keys. Also, items such as cameras, jewelry, money, passports and other valuables should be packed in carry-on luggage.

Other than essentials, valuables, and fragile items, try to keep carry-on luggage to a minimum. Often, carry-on space inside an aircraft is at a premium. Remember that passengers are typically limited to two carry-on items, and these items must fit either under the seat or in the overhead bin. If you are traveling on a smaller aircraft, you may be asked to check your carry-on bag planeside.

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