At Gerald R. Ford International, we welcome requests to film within our facilities or on our campus.

At Gerald R. Ford International we welcome requests to film within our facilities or on our campus. Parties (other than the news media) interested in filming or staging a photo shoot at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport should download this Request to Film and fax the completed form to Susan Sherman, Marketing Coordinator, at 616-233-6025. Or, you may scan the completed and signed document and send it as an email attachment (.jpeg or .pdf only) to Susan Sherman. We ask that your request be presented in writing at least two weeks prior to the requested date(s) for filming.

Please read page two of the document completely. Access beyond the passenger security screening checkpoint is only available with a proper escort and on a very limited basis. Filming in any area of the terminal building or at peripheral facilities that is leased by a tenant operator must be approved by the tenant.

These conditions apply to all non-media entities engaging in all image-recording activities including still and motion picture photography, videotaping and all digital and analog means of acquiring images and sound. They do not apply to individuals taking still or video photography of personal travel.

Members of the media should visit our Media Information page for specific information applicable to them.