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ID Badging & Screening Services

Badges and Fingerprinting Information


ID Badging and Fingerprinting

The airport is required by federal regulation to issue identification badges to airport employees and contractors whose job responsibilities require them to have access to secured areas of the airport. Online enrollment should be completed and submitted by authorized personnel prior to reporting to the airport police office.


Scheduling a Visit

Badge applicants should note that the badging process requires two (2) separate visits. At the first visit, you will submit your acceptable IDs and undergo fingerprinting and/or a Security Threat Assessment evaluation. At the second visit, you will undergo any required testing and receive your ID Badge. To expedite the badge application/renewal process, applicants are encouraged to complete the appropriate form(s) before coming to the Airport Police Office. Those individuals who have a current ID Badge must renew their Badge before the expiration date. For your convenience, you may renew your ID Badge up to 30 (thirty) days in advance of the expiration date.




All ID Badge applicants must present two (2) forms of identification or documentation when applying for or renewing an airport ID Badge, at least one form of identification must have been issued by a Government Authority and at least one must include a photo. The documentation must be able to verify the applicant's identity as well as employment eligibility. For your reference, we have provided a list of acceptable identification documents below. Please note that there is an addendum on page two of this document.


Acceptable Identification


All individuals applying for an airport ID Badge must undergo a TSA Security Threat Assessment (STA) as part of the Badge issuance. The airport will not issue an airport ID Badge until the TSA has completed an STA on the applicant. In addition to the STA, all individuals applying for an airport ID Badge for areas other than the AOA must undergo an FBI fingerprint-based criminal history check. The airport will deny issuance of the airport ID Badge to any employee who is currently being charged with or is convicted of one of the TSA disqualifying crimes (listed on the Fingerprint Screening Application form below) within the last ten years.


Fingerprint Screening Application Form

Airport employees whose job responsibilities do not require them to have access to the secured areas of the airport, but who need to park a vehicle in the employee parking lot must complete a Parking Card Application Form. All parking cards expire on December 31 every two years and must be renewed. Fees for the Parking Card must be paid by the individual at the time the card is issued. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. For your convenience, there are ATMs located near the exit from Concourse B.


Parking Card Application / Renewal Form


Individuals should notify Airport Police (616-233-6015) or the Airport Communications Center (616-233-6055) immediately if your ID Badge is lost or stolen. The Badge holder is responsible for the badge replacement fee at the time of issuance. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.