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Frequently Asked Questions


Flying With GFIA

When should I arrive for my flight?
How accurate is the real time flight information?
Which airlines serve GFIA? And how many passenger flights occur each day?
How do I get to the airport and how much does it cost to park?
What do I do if I am picking someone up or dropping someone off?
Need information on traveling with a pet?
What is the official 3-letter identifier for Gerald R. Ford International Airport?
How do I know if I can take certain items onboard the aircraft with me?
How large of a carry-on am I allowed to bring on board the plane?

At the Airport

What are the airport's hours of operation?
Where can I access a currency exchange?
I am nursing. Is there a private place where I can nurse/pump in the airport?
What is the airport's role during prolonged delays involving airlines with passengers on board?
I collect pins, postcards, brochures, souvenirs, and other airport memorabilia. Could you send me any of these items for my collection?
Is there a Lost and Found office at GFIA?
Where can I smoke at the airport?
What are some of the passenger amenities offered at the airport?
Can our group solicit donations/sell fundraising items at the airport?
Can meeting space be rented at the airport passenger terminal building?

Airport Authority

Why is it Gerald R. Ford International Airport?
Where can I get information on job opportunities at the airport?
What role does the airport authority play in determining the level of air service at GFIA?
How do I register an airline, checkpoint, or noise complaint?
Can community organizations or businesses request sponsorship support?
Who manages and operates the airport?
Who manages and operates the security screening checkpoints?
How many local tax dollars go to support the airport facility?
How can we get airline tickets donated for our fundraising event?

Park and Go

Use our helpful parking calculator to estimate the cost of parking your car at GFIA for your trip.