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Information about GFIA for media entities and how the media can interact with GFIA.

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Media Parking

News media may leave their marked vehicles in the designated parking area near gate 4 while on assignment at GFIA. This parking area can be accessed by taking Ross Drive (runs parallel to Oostema Blvd. on the south side) to Freight Drive. Turn left off Freight Drive and the parking area is on the left. The vehicle does not have to be attended. Live feeds should also be conducted from this location.


Categories of Emergencies

Emergencies are classified into the following categories:


Alert 1

Indicates a problem with a small aircraft. (Mutual aid response is not requested.)


Alert 2

Indicates a problem with a large aircraft. (Mutual aid fire and limited medical/police response involved.)


Alert 3

Indicates a large aircraft has crashed on or near the airport, or a crash is imminent. (Full mutual aid fire and medical/police response requested.)

Small Aircraft:
An aircraft capable of carrying no more than 9 (nine) passengers. (This includes most general aviation aircraft.)

Large Aircraft:
An aircraft capable of carrying 10 (ten) or more passengers. (This includes all commercial airline aircraft, air cargo jet aircraft, and large corporate jets.)

Gerald R. Ford International Airport has standard responses to each alert condition. These responses may include mutual aid support from the City of Grand Rapids and surrounding municipal fire, police, and medical units.

Questions regarding a specific aircraft emergency, including aircraft type, number of passengers, nature of emergency, and flight information must be made to the:

  • Specific airline for commercial aircraft
  • Aircraft Owner/Operator for general aviation aircraft
  • Military for military aircraft
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Media Kit

Our media kit includes high-quality downloadable videography and photography assets that may be used by news outlets to facilitate accurate and engaging coverage of our brand.

Our media kit is exclusively intended for use by news outlets and may not be utilized for advertising the airport or personal purposes.

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Media FAQ

The airport passenger terminal is a public facility. May the news media access the passenger terminal building without notifying the Airport Authority?
Is it OK for media to park at the passenger terminal curb front when covering a story?
Is escort by an airport representative or other authorized personnel necessary when media visit the airport?
May news media go beyond the TSA checkpoint and into the gate areas of the terminal to cover stories?
Where should TV media go to set up live shots on airport premises?
How can I submit a FOIA request?
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Glossary of Terms

AOA - Aircraft Operations Area

ARFF - Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting

ATCT - Air Traffic Control Tower

DHS - Department of Homeland Security

DOT - Department of Transportation

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBO - Fixed Base Operator

GFIA - Gerald R. Ford International Airport

GFIAA - Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

GRR - Airport Identifier for Gerald R. Ford International Airport

NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board

TSA - Transportation Security Administration

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Media Rules and Policies

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