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Flight Information

Whether you are planning a trip, heading to the airport, or just like watching airplanes we’ve got your flight questions answered here.

Real-Time Flight Information

Check to see if your flight is on-time. Real-time flight information data is provided to GFIA by our airline partners.

Nonstop Routes

Air service at GFIA is provided by seven airlines serving more than 30 major market destinations with nonstop flights. You really can get there from here!

Travel Tips

We have compiled the best travel tips for business and leisure travelers, those flying alone or with a family, for a short trip or a long vacation.

Viewing Airplanes

On any given day, nearly 300 aircraft take off or land at GFIA, and we have some great locations for our “bird-watchers” to flock to!

General Aviation

At Gerald R. Ford International Airport, we serve commercial passenger, cargo, corporate, and private/general aviation needs.