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September 8th 2021 | Written By Blog Post | Share

Ford Airport Fire Department Adds, Replaces AEDs Throughout Terminal

Ford Airport Fire Department Adds, Replaces AEDs Throughout Terminal

In an effort to enhance safety for guests, the Ford Airport Fire Department recently expanded the presence of automated external defibrillators in the terminal, adding eight new AEDs and replacing five others.

“This significant investment ensures our guests and team are within 200 feet of this life-saving equipment at all times,” said Ford Airport Fire Chief Tony Gutierrez. “AEDs are designed to be simple to use for those without medical training. While we hope they never need to be deployed, the AEDs are an important tool in saving lives swiftly during an emergency.”

An AED is used to restore heart rhythm in those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The easy-to-use device works to analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electric shock to help the heart re-establish a rhythm. A common but deadly health event, cardiac arrest will affect more than 350,000 people this year.

The AEDs at Ford Airport can be used by anyone – including our guests. If someone has lost consciousness or is unresponsive, especially after chest pain or discomfort, immediately call 911 then find the nearest AED. Once the AED is removed from the wall, it will immediately begin audio prompts. The AED will walk you through steps such as opening a person’s shirt, explaining where to attach the pads and telling you when to back away. While it may seem like someone is not breathing, the AED will analyze the heart rhythm to determine if it should administer a shock to the person.

Our new AEDs are compatible with the cardiac monitors used in ambulances so patients can be quickly transported into an ambulance while still being monitored.

“If someone you are traveling with experiences cardiac arrest, don’t be afraid to use the AED,” Gutierrez noted. “Though our Fire Department responds to emergencies within minutes, we know having quick access to an AED can save someone’s life.”

The Ford Airport Information Services team is working to connect the devices to our internal network, which would allow us to be alerted if one is in use, accidentally opens or needs a new battery. This integration could also provide additional information to our first responders.

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