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Winter Storm Travel FAQs

Winter Storm Travel FAQs


Winter storms are snow joke, but we'll weather them together. Below we answer all your winter storm travel frequently asked questions to help you navigate this snowy season safely and smoothly.

When should I contact the Airport?

The Airport is responsible for operating and maintaining the terminal building and parking infrastructure. During inclement weather, the Airport manages clearing the runways so that planes can take off and land safely and smoothly. As a reminder the Airport never closes, even when there are potential delays or cancellations.

If you have questions related to the above, please contact us at

When should I contact my airline?

Individual airlines are responsible for the check-in process, all matters related to gates, including departures and deplanings, the handling of passenger luggage, their plane deicing process, cancellation or delay of flights, passenger ticketing and rebooking options.

If you have questions related to the above, please contact your airline. 

What should I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If there are any changes to your scheduled itinerary, please contact your airline via their website, mobile app, or visit their ticketing counters at the Airport.

Does the Airport have covered parking?

The Airport has covered parking spots in our long-term parking garage. You can learn more about our parking options at

My scheduled flight itinerary has changed and I need accommodations, what should I do?

If your flight itinerary changes and you need accommodations, please visit for a list of hotels that offer shuttle service to and from the Airport.

What amenities are available at the Airport?

The Airport has many amenities to help enhance the guest experience. This includes restaurants, free WiFi, nursing rooms, kids port playrooms, business centers, and more. Please note that inclement weather can affect the hours of operation for our restaurants and retail stores. Updated hours will be posted on our amenities webpage, linked below.

Visit or our GRR mobile app for a complete list of services available.

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