At Gerald R. Ford International, we welcome requests to tour our facilities.

At the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, we've made a lot of improvements recently, and it just doesn't look or feel like "the same ol' airport" anymore - a fact that we are immensely proud of! With all these changes - and everyone's affinity and curiosity for all things aviation related - we understand the desire to bring tour groups out to the airport. Tours are conducted by members of the Marketing Team of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority (GFIAA). Below are some guidelines that you may find helpful when planning a tour for your group.

Group Eligibility
  • Tours are available to civic and school/educational groups (3rd grade level and up).
  • Each group may schedule one tour per calendar year. Attempts to circumvent this policy may result in your group being ineligible to schedule future tours.
  • The maximum number of group participants per tour is 25 (including chaperones).
Scheduling Requirements
  • Tours are available on a limited basis.
  • Tours must be scheduled at least one month in advance.
  • Dates are based upon availability (first come, first served).
  • Tours are between 1-2 hours duration, depending on the number of facilities included.
  • Tours are not officially booked until you have received written confirmation from airport staff.
Tour Policies
  • The GFIAA staff will gladly provide your group with a guided tour of the public areas of the passenger terminal facility. Please understand that we cannot take tour groups beyond the TSA passenger security checkpoint (to the airline gate areas), we cannot provide access to the airplanes, and we do not have access to the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. However, tours can include our Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting facility and our Field Maintenance facility. These must be scheduled at the time the tour is scheduled and cannot be added on the date of the tour.
  • No tours are conducted during special operations or events (e.g., Presidential visits, Holiday Music Festival, etc.).
  • Tours are subject to cancellation due to the operational needs of the airport and its staff or other considerations.